Home, sweet home!
Become an owner of a luxurious lakeside estate, furnish it to your liking and lant a garden! Grow flowers, craft furniture and visit friends!
Your house, your rules!
Free-form mounted
Boundless scenic
3D flight
One of the first mobile games in the RPG genre to enable flying in full 3D. No limits, no height restrictions, players will be able to freely roam the skies in any direction possible. Fly solo or with loyal friends on a 2 or 5-seater mount.
cross-server PVP battles
Prove that your school is the strongest.
clan system
Your clan is your family! Have a wedding, recruit disciples, mold your clan into a force to be reckoned with, and enable various special events!
HD graphics
Incredibly optimized for mobile devices HD graphics allowing full appreciation of the elaborate and vibrant landscapes.
Massive cross-server
PVP battles
Extended clan
Incredible HD
Helping the weak is the main principle of the Jadeon school, which makes it highly popular among the common folk. Jadeon initiates wield powerful ranged magic but lack melee combat skills.
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Skysong school followers dedicate their lives to conceiving the world and achieving harmony. They are renowned healers and often handle conflicts between other schools.
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Followers of the Vim school yearn to rule over the world. They will stop at nothing in this endeavor, not even the darkest forbidden rituals. Ruthless and efficient, the Vim initiates are the masters of melee combat.
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Self-improvement is the life's goal for the Lupin school followers. They strive to be worthy of living among the heavens. Lupin initiates know no equals in single combat and excel in magic arts.
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Incense Mages
The mysterious Incense Mages found a way to conquer the unruly fire element and the demons from the shadow realm. They can fight multiple enemies at once with powerful spells and summon demonic creatures to protect them in melee combat.
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Graceful disciples from the Singers Village can heal, control and attack enemies with the power of the sound. Yungil followers guard their secrets and pass them down through generations.
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The Sylla school was founded at the Pure Spring to maintain the balance of power between humans and shapeshifters. A pact with a shapeshifter allows the disciple to easily overcome their physical limitations by drawing from the strength of the magical beast, which in turn grows more quickly under the guidance of its human master
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The Ice school adepts are famous for their cold disposition and nerves of steel. Legend has it that Ice masters employ techniques that can freeze their enemies' still-beating hearts solid, then shatter them into pieces with a single swift spear.
Rumors of the mysterious and elusive Arden school never cease to circulate among commoners and nobility alike.
Endlessly devoted to their ideals and masters of ranged combat, these fighters prefer to end every fight quickly and without making too much noise, just as the Heavenly Fox hunts its prey.
The Shadow school adepts aren't usually the ones to advertise their presence and purpose, but their unique fighting style has earned them a kind of everlasting infamy.
Keep an eye for Shadow adepts wherever you go. It is said that history holds no records of a battle that they haven't won.
The mysterious and somber Necris are subject to endless rumors and legends. Some believe them to be the reborn spirits of fallen champions, while others say they are ghosts, snatching the bodies of those unlucky enough to challenge a Necris on the battlefield. The Necris are strong ranged combat specialists.
The Vaylin are synonymous with the vastness of the wildlands they inhabit. Living among the sands of dangerous deserts, the Vaylin spirit is tempered from a very young age. Followers of this school prefer to fight at a distance and demonstrate unique support abilities.


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